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Hannah's House Registration Process

  1. Hannah's House works with clients who have either been ordered by the court to participate in our services or have a formal written agreement to use our services. The first step in registration is to obtain a court order or agreement for all parties to utilize Hannah's House services.

  2. The next step is to download and complete the various intake forms (Personal Information Form, Child Care Instructions, and Guidelines for Visitation and Exchange Services). If you are unable to download these forms they can be faxed to you or you may pick up a copy at our office during our business hours. Once completed, these forms can be faxed, emailed or delivered back to Hannah's House.

  3. After you have completed the intake forms, contact us to pay the registration fee. Payments for services may be paid by check, cash or credit card. There is a $25 returned check or declined credit card fee.

  4. Once all parties have completed registration, Hannah's House will schedule a visitation or exchange based on our availability and the court order or agreement.


  5. The 1st visitation may be scheduled by HH. For future visits, HH does not schedule visits by the court order. ALL visits must be requested by the visiting party. The custodial party is then notified by HH. Once visits are scheduled, any cancellations less than 48 hours in advance MUST BE PAID for by the cancelling party. The only exception, a doctor/hospital report stating the child/ children were seen on the date of the visit and determined not to be able to attend the visit. "Back to school" notes/forms are not acceptable.

  6. Any changes to the schedule by the parties, once a regular appointment time is established, must be agreed on between the parties. Hannah's House cannot serve as a mediator or intermediary between parents who request changes in scheduled visitation or exchanges. Please be advised that Hannah's House may not be able to accommodate all requests for schedule changes due to the other cases we are also providing services for.

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