Hannah's House Supervised Visitation and Exchange Center
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Our Services

In order to meet needs of the families we serve in a cost-effective way, Hannah's House offers three levels of supervised visitation, along with supervised exchanges for parents visiting without supervision.

Level 1 "Observational Supervision" - on-site visitation conducted by trained personnel.

Level 2 "Off Site Supervision" - visits in child-friendly community locations, conducted by degreed and/or experienced professionals.

Level 3 "Interactive Supervision" - visits that combine supervised visitation with active feedback from a mental health professional or specially trained supervisor. Level 3 supervision is not therapy, but uses many of the same techniques to help improve parent child interactions.

Level 4 "In-Home" - Supervised visits in-home

Supervised Exchanges - exchanges of children without parent contact. Independent confirmation of the time of the exchange and circumstances of the exchange are provided by Hannah's House staff.

To ensure safety, there are always 2 supervisors on ALL off-site visits.

Detailed notes are taken during all visits and may be provided to attorneys/courts upon written request. Standard fees apply.

There is only one official Hannah's House location in the metroplex. It is located in Plano, TX with the corporate office in Richardson.

Fee Schedule
Registration Fee $60.00 per adult
Exchange only $35.00 per party
Level 1 Visit $60.00 per hour
Level 2 Visit $70.00 per hour
Level 3 Visit $80.00 per hour
Level 4 Visit $100.00 per hour

      Additional fees required for off-site visits:
       Driving fees - minimum $10 based on distance
       Entrance and activity fees, movie fees for supervisor(s)
       Meals for supervisor(s) at sit down restaurants

Each party is required to pay for registration. Unless specific arrangements are noted in the court order, however, the visiting supervised party will be solely responsible for supervisions fees.

Hardship cases may qualify for sliding scale when funds are available.

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